Minuteman® E20 Walk Behind Scrubber - 20", TD, Quick Pack

Minuteman® E20 Walk Behind Scrubber - 20", TD, Quick Pack

Item # E20CQP

  • A compact disc brush scrubber with a 20" cleaning path.
  • Squeegee width: 33"; Working Speed: 3.1 mph
  • Drive motor: 1/5 HP; Brush motor: 3/4 HP
  • Brush Type: Cylindrical. Onboard charger 115V, 50/60 HZ
20" Cylindrical, TD, Quick Pack, 130 AH, ea
Manufacturer #E20-CTDQP

Cylindrical deck has an integrated sweeping function. On-board charger is convenient and allows the machine to be charged anywhere. Green Features include: Sound level <=70 dBs, tool free brush removal, tool free squeegee removal, one button operation. A cylindrical scrub brush system will (wet) sweep small amounts of solid debris into a removable tray while also washing the floor. You eliminated the manual pre sweeping of your factory or warehouse floor for greater productivity and fewer clogs in the squeegee section of the scrubber. Plus there is often no need for an additional separate sweeper or even a combination machine when a cylindrical machine will do the job. Cylindrical scrubber usually turn their brushes at a speed that is three times the rotation of a disk brush. They are an ideal choice for grouted tile or concrete floors that are not perfectly smooth.


  • The direct brush release system (BRS) allows brushes to be changed quickly. Auto load/unload system allows hands-off brush change.
  • Easy, ergonomic operation as a result of the compact, maneuverable construction.
  • Simple, easy-to-understand controls ensure that the machine is quickly mastered.
  • Adjustable handle and ergonomic hand balls offer great control of the machine.
  • Designed to give the operator more room for their feet while operating.
  • Battery running time to suit the application, on-board charger standard.
  • Flow-optimized dirty water tank with AFS (Anti-Foam System) protects the vacuum turbine. The large tank lid provides easy access for cleaning purposes.
  • Squeegee with no adjustments necessary and a two sided blade.
  • Service-friendly access to batteries and drive.
  • On-board charger is convenient and allows you to charge the machine anywhere.
  • Designed to give the operator an excellent line of sight to the areas that needs to be cleaned.
  • Easily cleanable, hygienic recovery tank.
  • When charger is plugged in, the machine is not operable.


  • Theoretical Productivity: 20,000 ft2/hr.
  • Working Speed: 2.3 mph
  • Transport Speed: 3 mph
  • Rated Voltage: 24 volts
  • Vacuum Flow: 65 cfm
  • Vacuum Waterlift: 45"
  • Vacuum Power: .60 HP
  • Brush Type: Cylindrical
  • Brush Motor Power: 3/4 HP
  • Number of Brushes: (2) 20" Cylindrical
  • Brush RPM: 180 rpm
  • Solution Capacity: 12 Gal.
  • Recovery Capacity: 13 Gal.
  • Weight: With batteries: 372 lbs.; Without batteries: 238 lbs.